You deserve the grant! Here’s a run down of our involvement with Re-Skill Saskatchewan Social Media Marketing Training Subsidy:

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Hi everyone,
We are working hard to let you all know about an awesome marketing grant opportunity from the Government of Saskatchewan.

Here’s a quick run down of our involvement with Re-Skill Saskatchewan Social Media Marketing Training Subsidy:

As most of you know, at Wow Factor our team specializes in social media marketing management which really means companies and organizations hire us to successfully run their social media marketing. We are very proud that we are trusted to use our skills to handle the social media marketing of our customers because we know in 2022, social media is an extremely important piece of any businesses customer retention, brand strength and growth strategy.

Our job is challenging but so rewarding. I always say that being a part of the social media marketing team at Wow Factor is one of the best jobs in the world because no matter the businesses size or stage – from start ups to industry leaders, we get to work with some of Western Canada’s most interesting, inspiring, ambitious (and crazy smart) business leaders to help them achieve success on social.

So how did we get into social media training when our wheelhouse is social media marketing management?
When the pandemic broke out, we were asked to take what we know about social media marketing and create a training program to help businesses and organizations throughout Saskatchewan learn how to use social media to recover. Since then, we have successfully trained hundreds of people. The feedback from our courses has been amazing and we are so proud that our training program is helping so many achieve success on social.

The top reasons you may be interested in our social media marketing training are:
1- The limited time funding opportunity through RSTS – our training course can be 100% funded by the Government of Saskatchewan by applying for The Re-skill Sask Training Subsidy (we can help you easily apply)
2- Social media is the best and most efficient way for small and medium businesses and organizations to earn more customers, bottom line growth and brand strength (but it’s gotta be done right)
3-Social media is evolving, and we are on top of it!  Our team proudly executes social media marketing content and plans for businesses of all sizes throughout western Canada and our courses have been designed based on our real world success.
4-Social media can feel overwhelming.  When running a business, we all know we need it but we may not know where to start!  We teach you how to plan and how to focus your efforts on the most effective tools so you can get the highest return on the time and effort you put into it.
5-Training is fun, easy and collaborative so each student gets the most out of it for their unique needs.

A recent trainee provided a testimonial that says it all: “Ashley and her team at WOW factor were amazing. They helped from day one with applying for grants to help cover the courses. I was able to take both Social Media Marketing courses and they were amazing for really helping me to get more comfortable with Social. It is an ever changing world on Social Media and with these courses under my belt I feel much more confident I will be able to keep up to the younger generations which will be very valuable for our company. Highly recommend!!”.

We are working hard to let everyone know about this opportunity to get the training subsidy before it ends. Through our social media marketing training program, businesses and organizations can qualify for 100% funding through the Re-Skill Saskatchewan Training Subsidy. We are now taking registrants for our September 2022 sessions, so if you want to apply please contact us and we can help save you a spot and get you the funding. As of right now, there is no set deadline on when to apply, the RSTS group have just said that it’s based on when the funding runs out, so please apply soon!

And please, don’t hesitate to contact us any time, we are here to help you apply. For more info on our courses please click here Training Course Options

And as always, training and handling your social all in house on your own is not for you, join the dozens of businesses who leave the work to us and leverage our skills every day to help make their social media marketing AMAZING.

Ashley Drummond – CEO Wow Factor Media