The Bond Between SEO & Social is Stronger than Ever!

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Did you know that the more popular your website is, the higher its search engine optimization will be?

It sounds like a catch 22. I know what you`re thinking – I will rank higher if more people visit my site, but how do I get people to visit if I don`t rank on the first page?

The answer is that you need to connect your website to several strongly managed social platforms and get people to visit your site via social.

It`s so intuitive really, think of it like this:
Social media exposes your brand, products & services to new people. When people share your content, the result is exponential reach for your brand, products & services throughout the social space. Exposure leads to website clicks. Clicks to your website equal visits. More visits means search engines will deem your website relevant and popular; increasing your SEO.

Our customers always ask – How can I ensure my website shows up on the first page of Google?

A well planned, quality website that includes relevant info & custom coding is a great start but to get to the next level your site needs to be seen as popular and relevant in the eyes of Google. There is not a better, more efficient nor more relevant way to reach people who are interested in what you have to offer than through online marketing & social media.

If you would like a free social assessment please contact me, I would be happy to help. Our social plans are affordable and ROI focused, because getting a return is what advertising is all about!


Ashley Drummond