Solid Social Media Marketing – No Longer an Innovative Risk

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When we started helping brands with social media marketing back in 2013 it was a relatively untested and uncharted form of marketing.  Back then, we saw an opportunity like never before for brands to connect with thousands in their target audience for a lot less than traditional forms of advertising like print and radio.   Brands who began working with Wow Factor Media’s online marketing team early were some of the first in Western Canada to take the innovative risk of investing in a strong online presence and have been enjoying the huge rewards of their early faith in online marketing ever since.

Today a solid social media presence is no longer an innovative risk.  The bottom line is, it is expected of all brands big and small.  Just taking part and being online for the sake of being online is not enough either. Today’s customer expects your online presence to be all about them… their needs, their experience & their desires!  Today’s customer expects your brand to have a tailored, living, breathing online presence that not only shows your products and services, but shows your brand’s personality, who you are and what you stand for but more importantly shows what your brand can do for them.  A wise man once said:  “A customer may forget your name, who you are or what you sell, but a customer will never ever forget the way you made them feel about themselves.”

Figure out what your customer wants from your brand and give it to them through strategic online marketing and success is yours.


Ashley Drummond