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Wow Factor Media is pleased to announce the appointment of Ashley Drummond as Chief Executive Officer.  The change comes as Joel Pinel former CEO moves to run tech start-up Vize Labs.

The press release on our corporate structure changes:

Vize Labs Inc. co-founded by Joel Pinel and Hailey Schwabe is pleased to announce their investment partnership with the Broad Street Bulls, Golden Opportunities, Saskatchewan’s Max Schmeiser – head of data science at Twitter and Saskatoon angel tech investors Andrew Williams, Terry Baerg, Lee Olynuk and Justin Bussiere. The investment will help this brand-new tech company accelerate the development of state-of-the-art tech focused on solving the problems of business leaders caused by emerging remote workforces and the future of work.

“The way businesses and teams communicate internally has changed overnight. Digital communication through direct messaging services like Slack and Teams is accelerating and disrupting the way businesses traditionally communicate. Vize gives businesses an intelligence superpower by analyzing and making sense of their internal digital communication data so that businesses can leverage the data to rethink and improve business strategies. Operating with wild west internal digital communications without data intelligence will soon be like using the phone book instead of Google.” Joel Pinel – CEO Vize Labs

Saskatchewan’s Vize Labs Inc. is making waves throughout North America and has recently been featured in Utah’s Tech Community . Hailey Schwabe and Joel Pinel both come from Saskatchewan’s leading digital marketing firm Wow Factor Media. Both will continue to play an advisory role on Wow Factor Media’s board of directors.

The investment has also lead to an opportunity for two of Saskatchewan’s women business leaders to rise to executive positions. Hailey Schwabe was previously Wow Factor Media’s COO and is now COO and co-founder of Vize Labs Inc. Ashley Drummond Wow Factor Media’s Director of Marketing has been appointed as Wow Factor Media’s Chief Executive Officer.

Wow Factor Media’s new Chief Executive Officer appointment acknowledges Ashley’s expertise, her reputation among stakeholders and her commitment to excellence in business development and customer service. “Ashley has strong respect from the WOW team and all of our customers. She’s a roll up your sleeves, lead by example type of leader. I am really excited for the change and confident Wow Factor Media is heading in the right direction and poised to do great things.” Joel Pinel – CEO Vize Labs Inc and Former CEO Wow Factor Media

“As CEO, I am determined to continue the strong momentum and innovative culture created under the leadership of Joel Pinel. Serving as a woman Chief Executive Officer is a true honor, and I will work very hard to ensure continued success and growth for Wow Factor Media and our customers.” Ashley Drummond – CEO Wow Factor Media

“The City of Moose Jaw is very proud and excited to see the growth of our local tech industry, led by Wow Factor Media and Vize Labs,” said Fraser Tolmie, Mayor. “We congratulate Ashley, Hailey and Joel and believe Moose Jaw will continue to see Notorious growth in our tech sector.”

“This is great news on so many levels. It’s incredible to see such innovation and growth within the Saskatchewan business community. Rob Clark – CEO Moose Jaw Chamber of Commerce

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