Our digital marketing team set out to increase awareness of the importance of regular veterinary care for both domestic pet and livestock animals.  The challenge was to educate the public on the benefits of healthy livestock and pets in terms of economy and whole home health while engaging people in a likable and interesting way. Our team worked to create a cover brand for Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association that co-exists with the association but is built to attract the consumer to increase vet visits.


Logo & Tagline Development

The logo is designed to be appealing to both pet enthusiasts and livestock owners.  It is meant to be lighthearted and transparent.

A Sask Palette With a Pop

We developed the brand around a Sask-centric colour palette with a pop of purple to offset it, make it distinguishable and give it an invigorating, healthy feel.


Digital Strategy

Our team at WOW Factor Media determined an online strategy mix designed to engage key players in their target demographic through an eclectic combination of YouTube Video Advertising, Google Display Advertisements, Social Media and a Search Engine Optimized website.  As an educational awareness-driven campaign, the control and quality of content was a top priority.

SaskVets’ all encompassing digital strategy includes the Just Like You video series developed as informational content to drive awareness for vet visits.

Brand Consistency Movement

We ensured all veterinarians across the province were aware of the campaign and were on board with the resources available to them through online marketing efforts put forth by the Saskatchewan Veterinarian Medical Association. To capitalize on SaskVets’ momentum we created an online video tutorial highlighting how Saskatchewan based vets should use professional content on their own social media feeds.

Measuring the Results


Collectively there have been over 150,000+ views of the Just Like You videos to date.


To date SaskVets holds the largest following for a Veterinary Medical Association in Western Canada and the largest reach and engagement in all of Canada.