The challenge for Last Mountain Distillery’s Dill Pickle Vodka was to use their current branding and make it fresh and instantly recognizable. We needed to create a buzzworthy online presence. Our online marketing plan was to drive customers to their retail store and website to increase Dill Pickle Vodka sales and increase their overall market share.

Marketing Hook

WOW Factor needed a way to give fresh life to the Dill Pickle Vodka brand and create an excitement and demand for the product. The primary selling point for this product was the fact that the dill is naturally infused into the alcohol and thereby became the focus of the campaign.

Caesars, being one of Canadians’ favourite drinks, were a natural choice to help market this vodka. It was important to also convey the product as fresh, quality and Saskatchewan made.

Creating the Campaign

WOW Factor Media’s goal was to create a strong online presence for Last Mountain Distillery. The focus being to build an excitement around their Dill Pickle Vodka brand and later market their other products. To do this we created a video, a splash page that would link to their main website, created a professional social media platform and an online marketing strategy through Google AdWords.

Return on Investment

After the first month of strategically promoting Last Mountain Distillery’s Dill Pickle Vodka they saw an exponential lift in sales and gained a majority market share.