What Makes Us Tick

The Next Best Thing

We are in THE BEST industry in the world because it is constantly evolving with innovative ways to benefit businesses and their customers.  We live and breathe evolution.

The WOW Family

3 sisters, 1 brother, 2 brother-in-laws and 1 sister-in-law put their minds, resources and skills together… and never looked back. Today WOW Factor Media is home to a growing team of talented people who are as important to WFM as family is.

Brain Waves to Actual Waves

We do the impossible everyday. Dream of something, plan it, strategize it, create it, launch it, live it, breathe it.


What’s the point if it isn’t fun?

The Finish Line

Achievement is the greatest feeling to be had by anyone. Taking pride and feeling the high of self satisfaction is indescribable. Team work, hard work, dedication, results.

Strategy is Addictive

Every project is like a well-thought-out, creatively and carefully executed game of chess. How can we take all the unique variables of a business and strategize for maximum results? Move over traditional marketing.

Meet the Team

The Speed of Likes

Ashley graduated from UofA with a degree in Entrepreneurship with a Major in Marketing.  Ashley leads WOW’s online marketing team with focused, goal oriented & ROI-centric marketing strategies that achieve results.


Hail to the Chief

Our award-winning CEO and fearless leader, Joel’s vision pushes WOW Factor to revolutionize the marketing industry every day.


'Shop Culture

Hailey is our Creative Director, she steers the creative ship leveraging a degree in Business & Marketing from the University of Alberta and her innate multimedia artistry.


Too COO for School

Eric is our COO and earned his education at NAIT as a construction engineer.  His passion for helping our clients achieve their goals makes him the ultimate leader of our diverse day to day operations.

Project Manager

By the Books

Jessica has a knack for keeping her finger on WOW’s pulse at all times. Her project management skills and intimate knowledge of all our departments make our clients’ experiences seamless and awesome.

Managing Partner

Everywhere a Sign

Jamison is head of the installation department and is a 3M certified sign and graphics installer.  WOW Factor Media’s graphic installations span throughout BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Installations Director

Sharing is Caring

Jasmine travels North America every year learning the hottest trends and ROI tactics from the world’s leading online marketing strategists to WOW our clients and their customers.

Social Media Strategist


With almost 10 years of experience in web development and an impressive education, including a Masters Degree in Computer Application and Information Technology, Nilay thrives on being our resident problem solver for all things web.

Lead Web Development Project Manager


Bray is our GM for Saskatoon. With his extensive digital print, graphic design, project, brand and account management history, he prides himself on flawless delivery of products and services. Customer satisfaction is key.

Director of Business Development

With Flying Colours

Margaret brings the WOW Factor to our graphic designs using her diplomas in Graphic Communications, Business Administration and Computer Information Systems in new and exciting ways.

Director of Web and Graphic Design

Can't find a way? Create one.

Roxanna is a multidisciplinary graphic and web designer, with experience in marketing, business management, and social media campaigns. She graduated from BCIT’s New Media and Web Development program.

Graphic Design Coordinator

Kaeli joined Wow Factor Media in 2020 as a social media content marketer and since then has swiftly developed into our Social Media Marketing Team leader. Kaeli is a digital marketing grad from BCIT and prior to moving to Sask and joining Wow Factor Media, worked for a digital marketing agency in Vancouver.

Senior Social Media Strategist

Kimberley graduated from Saskatchewan Polytechnic with a Marketing Diploma and a Business Certificate. Kimberley is very passionate about graphic design and social media and loves to create.
Social Media Marketing Strategist

Lauren graduated from UofR with a Degree in Creative Technologies and a Certificate in Business Administration. Lauren uses her background in graphic design and marketing to develop unique social media strategies and implement them through content creation.

Social Media Marketing Strategist


Think you’d be a good fit for our dynamic team?  Apply today!



Think you’d be a good fit for our dynamic team?  Apply today!