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I love what I do.  I have always loved sales my whole life and I am always selling every single day but,  I will never sell  a product I don’t believe will benefit my customers.

At Wow Factor Media, we sell a variety of products and services including online marketing, social media marketing, website design, branding, graphic design and the list goes on.  I truly believe that any business out there will not only need one or all of our products but will also absolutely be better off for working with us.  For me,  sales is so much more than providing a product or service.  We are in the business of helping businesses get better every day.

One of our biggest departments is online marketing.  This is a perfect example of what I am talking about.  The benefits to a business when doing online marketing professionally and correctly are limitless.  Here’s why:

Virtually everyone is online.  91% of Canadians are online or roughly 33,000,000 people.  Of those 33,000,000 people, 88% of them are online every single day for an average of 7.5 hours.  While these people are online they are creating a personal footprint, and a profile that gives us a lot of information about their demographics, psychographics,  personalities, needs and desires.  This information, makes it possible to offer potential customers within your target audience the exact products and services they need at the exact time they need them.  Using these tools to our customers advantage is why we are able to make help them get more out of their marketing budget – a lot more.

Here’s why: Compare social media marketing and online marketing to inefficient  traditional marketing like newspapers, magazines, billboards and radio.  With traditional marketing, all you are doing is broadcasting an ad.   The cost per conversion is very high and these ads are highly inefficient because first  you are hoping someone even sees your ad, next you are hoping that person is in your target audience and further you are hoping they are in need of what you are advertising.

If you are wanting to grow, outshine your competition or maintain your established business it’s time to start  thinking about putting some real effort towards a solid online marketing plan. The best part is that professional online marketing is scalable and almost limitless.  We can help virtually any business no matter what your budget, industry or size.   Now is the time to take that next step, online marketing is only getting smarter, more efficient and more cost effective.

Good online marketing really has everything going for it.  This is why I never feel like I am selling to my customers.  I truly believe our clients need this service to be the best they can be.  The tools are there for the taking we just need to use them properly and strategically and our clients see results.


Joel Pinel – CEO Wow Factor Media