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The Value of Great Content Marketing

  29.07.2018   WOW Factor   No comments

For a successful online marketing strategy, content marketing is not something to be taken lightly.  If you need convincing that content marketing is the most important and powerful piece of your marketing mix here are some quick 2017 stats for you:
 72% of professional content marketers worldwide said relevant content creation was the most effective ...

We are in the business of helping businesses get better every day…

  6.03.2017   Branding, Design   No comments

I love what I do.  I have always loved sales my whole life and I am always selling every single day but,  I will never sell  a product I don’t believe will benefit my customers.
At Wow Factor Media, we sell a variety of products and services including online marketing, social media marketing, website design, ...

The Bond Between SEO & Social is Stronger than Ever!

  3.08.2016   WOW Factor   1 Comment

Did you know that the more popular your website is, the higher its search engine optimization will be?
It sounds like a catch 22. I know what you`re thinking – I will rank higher if more people visit my site, but how do I get people to visit if I don`t rank on the first ...

Solid Social Media Marketing – No Longer an Innovative Risk

  14.06.2016   WOW Factor   No comments

When we started helping brands with social media marketing back in 2013 it was a relatively untested and uncharted form of marketing.  Back then, we saw an opportunity like never before for brands to connect with thousands in their target audience for a lot less than traditional forms of advertising like print and radio.   Brands ...

Cutest Photoshoot

  11.04.2016   WOW Factor   No comments

Our graphic designer and photographer Dan has the cutest job today! We put WOW baby Brek in the product shot cube. 🙂

Career – Graphic Designer

  6.04.2016   Job Listing, WOW Factor   No comments

Start an awesome career with WOW! If you’ve got exceptional skills, a great work ethic and thrive in a team oriented environment we want you to apply for our Graphic Designer position in Moose Jaw. To apply, reach out to us on our contact page.